Bose L1 Compact battery powered  speaker x 2.  Delivered from  $525*  Pick up $249.

Suits up to 100 guests for speech, soloists or iPod music. Pefect for outdoor ceremonies. 

  • 12hrs run time on rechargeable battery.
  • 2 x Bose L1 Compact speakers
  • 2 x 50 amp hour deep cycle lithium battery/inverter packs
  • 1 x mic stand.
  • 1 x iPod cable.
  • 1 x Sennheiser wireless microphone.

To check availability or get an instant quote,  just add to the shopping cart (no details needed unless you decide to book).  Note that you can pick up from 9AM the day prior & return by 5PM the day after.  Weekend hires can pick up Friday & return Monday.

*Within 15km of Artarmon. $2km one way after. CBD/inner city or parking may be exta.

Package Specific FAQ


How long does the battery last?
This would be our longest lasting battery powered system & will run at least 12 hours.

I'm hiring for a ceremony.  Can I use it at my reception too?
Yes but be aware that it's only a mid sized speaker so it's great for speeches to a modest size room, background music & light level dance level music.

Does it come with a Lightning connector for my iPhone?

Can I have 2 x microphones instead of 1?
No.   It can handle a maximum of 1. If you need extra mics you could add a mixer but make sure you're technical enough to set it up.

My event is on the weekend.   When can I pick up & return?  
You can pick up Friday morning & return Monday.

See our general FAQ here.

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