The JBL Compact Specific FAQ

Is the JBL Compact easy to use?
Whilst it has an amazing feature set & lots of inputs It’s more for advanced users.  For example if you’re a musician that needs a battery powered system then it great.   The app is especially good.

If  the speaker is battery powered, why does it come with a power cable?
The power cable is for charging it or running it from mains power if you need longer run time.

I’m hiring for a ceremony. Can I use it at my reception too?
Yes but be aware that it’s only a small speaker so it’s OK for speeches,  background music & light dance music but not for high level dance music.

Does it come with a Lightning connector for my iPhone?

Can I have 2 x microphones instead of 1?
Yes. It can handle a maximum of 2 but make sure you’re technical enough to handle hooking up more than 1 mic. An extra wireless mic is $66 & extra wired mic is $15.

My event is on the weekend. When can I pick up & return?
You can pick up Friday morning & return Monday.

See our general FAQ here.

JBL Compact battery powered speaker with wireless microphone. Delivered from $465* Pick up $189.

JBL EON One Compact Battery Powered Speaker with Wireless Microphone

Suits up to 100 guests for speech, soloists or iPod music. Pefect for outdoor ceremonies.