Lithium Battery/Inverter Hire

Hire Lithium battery/inverter packs from $66 a weekend. Quieter than a generator, half the weight of lead/acid batteries. Perfect for outdoor events. 24 to 100 amp hour batteries.

  • Hyundai HPS-300 Power Pack

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Why Choose Our Battery Inverter Packs

Battery/Inverter Specific FAQ

Do the batteries come already charged?
Yes.   They’re fully charged when you pick them up.

What if I want to re-charge them?   
The Hyundai & Bluetti power packs come with their own charge cable.   For the battery/inverter packs you’ll need to hire a separate charger.

How many items can I plug in?   
There’s only 1 or 2 sockets but you could add a powerboard if you like.   The total number of items will depend on how much power each uses.  

See our general FAQ here.

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Hyundai HPS300 24AH Lithium Battery 300W Power Pack $66.

Bluetti AC70 64 Amp Hour 1,000W Power Bank $77.

Bluetti AC180 96 Amp Hour 1,152W Power Bank $110.

50AH Lithium Battery with 600W Inverter $66.

75AH Lithium Battery with 600W Inverter $77.

1 x 100 amp hour 12 volt Deep Cycle Lithium battery with 600 watt inverter. $88

Lithium Battery Charger $15.

lithium battery charger

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