A light weight, compact sub that packs a surprising punch for it’s size


This light weight, compact sub packs a surprising punch for it’s size. I’ve been using the MB4 in my small PA hire business for about a year & it’s never let me down. I do corporate events, weddings & concerts.  I generally drive each one off 1 side of a Bose 1600VI amplifier which at 8 Ohms is 240 watts. 

There is a dedicated MB4 EQ/controller or amplifier EQ card available for the MB4 but I actually find it sounds fine with a just a standard crossover. 
I own a pair of MB4’s & find them a very flexible solution as they can be stacked together for extra output when needed & work extremely well this way. 

I haven’t tried it yet but apparently they can be run as an array to give you directional bass.   This requires use of the matching Bose controller unit. The way it works is that you space them about 25cm apart then the controller introduces a slight delay in to the signal.  With a bit of work you could probably set this up with a third party DSP like the DriveRack.     Apart from being compact overall, the rectangular profile seems to work well for transporting the unit.  I find mine fits nicely behind the seat of my Camry.  

Specs:200 watts, 8 Ohms, 4 x 5” drivers, 20kg.   

The Good: -Light Weight -Compact -Modular -Convenient shape -Good looking -Solidly built -Directional Bass  

The Bad: As expected there’s some price to pay for the compact size.   The MB4 is not as efficient as some of the larger subs with 12 to 18” drivers but nowdays with amplifiers being much cheaper it’s a small price to pay.  

My Rating: 9/10